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My hubby was the best ear cleaner, our guy would get yeast infections regulary, mainly caused from grains and cheese! Diet change stopped the infections!

  • We had a Lab…wonderful dog…but she used to get horrific yeast infections in her ears and did Not like us dealing with it. Try holding an 80lb dog down and clean her ears!!!! Oh Boy. It seems to be something common for Labs.
  • My dog is 4 and has had ear problems since about 1 year, so cleaning/medicine has been going on. Went in for his annual exam 2 weeks ago and the yeast is building up. Was given medicine to give once a day for 2 weeks. I bring him in on Thursday. If it hasn’t loosened up, he will have to be out under and his ear canals scraped because if we don’t take care of it now, by 9 or 10 he could lose his hearing. I am so hoping it has loosened up.
  • Food for thought….when it was not possible to travel as much, and skills required to survive were more easily taught at home, as many stayed around their communities.
  • As travel became more and more accessible, and then came the computer age. The education of children to a significant degree, became “out of reach” for parents to know all enough to be able to teach our kids.

Is it about being smarter, and or more educated? Then and now? Or is it, that there are different expectations needed to be met, in the world of education? i am sure they were much better educated than students are today. the lack of knowledge when listening to people is disconcerting.

And here we are over 100 years later with the train-wreck and dumbing down of America via the socialized education we’ve come to embrace. Foundation of mass literacy was the King James Bible. The best and only translation in ancient texts in English. Noble sonorous beautiful eloquent stirring. No wonder millions read and listened.

I have an 8th grade math book from 1924 that I doubt our college age population (much less a 14 year old student) could even understand. Our parents and grandparents were taught much more useful information than my generation was and it has gone downhill since then. If we keep this pace up, in a couple more generations we will probably be back living in caves!

Really Ties The Ears Together Face Mask

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