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I miss grandma daisy she always made me smile everyday I miss grandma so much. Thankgou Karen for sharing grandma she was the life and soul of the party. Rip Golden.Angel

  • Grandma Daisy is sorely missed. Her videos will help keep her alive in our hearts. She introduced me to Christian Automobile. I will forever think of her when I hear this song knowing she has her starry crown
  • Miss her so much she reminds me so much of my great grandmother who passed away in 2016 ……I enjoy watching her videos I still do to this day karen you done an awesome job grandma daisy you will be missed I recently got a shirt made that said I KNOW THEM NIGGAS
  •  She reminded me off my Grandmother…in every way! Sassy..Classy..Comical and just as feisty when she got ready! I hope Grandma Daisy met My Grandma Grace already! I miss them both

Grandma Daisy was my morning inspiration, she said when you do good you will go up up up and when you do bad you go down down down and Miss Karen you have done an awesome job with that being said let God continue to use you and most differently Grandma Daisy was an Legacy Heaven have gained a new Angel

When I was looking at videos this morning I was kinda down and I saw grandma Daisy picture a her famous saying when you do good you go up up up. She was a wise women and I miss her. We were blessed to see your videos and was so feisty Karen thanks for sharing grandma Daisy with us a true blessing.Let go and let God

Thank you Karen for sharing your beloved grandma…She will live on through her advice and her wit. Rest on Grandma Daisy..we loved you. If I have to say it over and over I miss Grandma Daisy so so much. I really haven’t watched no one since Grandma Daisy passed. I will never forget her. I keep her words in my heart. When you do good you go up up up, but when you do bad you go down down down. Let go and let God . Love you Grandma Daisy

Some grandmas play bingo Real grandmas listen to Volbeat shirt, tank top, hoodie

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