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Thank you Mary for sharing this Information about Trump with us. This president is crazy he has put the United States in danger with other countries putting are Military in danger and he new how dangerous this Virus was because the Scientists told him he did not listen to the Scientists no one should have lost their life to this Virus

  • if he would have Shut down the United States like other countries did we would not have lost so many life’s we need new leadership in are Country it’s not president Trump we need a real leadership and that is Joe biden kamala harris please vote for them both get Trump out of the white house November 3rd is coming up soon vote his ass out.
  • You’re absolutely right, and just so they know all those who follow and support him will go down, some of them are already going down, We are throwing him out in a few months and then prosecute his dishonest, selfish, cheating, raping and throw him in jail with the whole family and administration.
  • I believe her, Don the Con will take this Country down , because it’s happening now and if he gets 4 more years it will be worst! He will take us down, its Putin’s goal. I wonder if his base when it materializes will be willing for a communist country.

Weak is right, that’s why Putin wants him reelected, all the world leaders know Trump is weak and that’s why they now pity us! Why doesn’t he just leave office and retire? He can spend his time playing golf or chasing porn stars. Why would he want to be president when its obvious the majority of the country hates him.

The picture with the amazing story of the resistance is fantastic. I’ve read a lot of the farmers, well just regular people who fought, died and some who survived during this period. Forgotten unsung heroes. Thank goodness you keep their stories alive. Thank you!

A great story. Makes me wonder how many of these types of unheard-of stories are out there. Sadly, just about all of our WWII Vets have passed on and their combat stories as well. Sad. I already had heard this story, they said that ss tried to man one of the tigers, can’t confirm the source anymore, or if this is truth.


RBG the resistance never dies shirt

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