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just as a democrat dies you lose all thought of justice when you don’t get your way ., well blame your own party for changing the ruling because there sore losers. Trump doesn’t need there votes we have the majority so suck it up. And as far as him living off the government that was actually Obama.., trumps already a millionaire .. NOW Obama is because HE used his position to RAPE this country financially.

  • He tried to replace RBG barely 24 hrs after her death. Probably with a fake AF “pro-birther” who wants to overturn womens rights so theyre forced to have babies they dont want and people sure as hell aint getting medical care from the GOP.
  • well well while that’s true. Our President isn’t only a Politician he’s also a BUSINESSMAN. They can’t handle his Dirty let’s just put it that way!! We have a great President! Not a Stupid one! Our President is GangStA!!!
  • You appear very ignorant..do you want to go back to being submissive, treated like a 2nd class citizen, no rights for equal pay? Go back to the 50’s? The only one missing a soul is Trump..it was sucked out of him at birth.

he is a liar I can’t believe how bad things are he is killing everyone 200000 people because he down played it and no mask policy killed about 80 to ,90 percent of all those deaths

What would Chuck Schumer do in the same situation? I am sure that he would nominate a Justice of his choice as soon as possible, and we would all just have to live with it.  your joking … the time suits him fine now he can elect another creep to Supreme Court. Or will try his best..

How can people be so blind and not see how hypocrite he is? He is such a low life person…all he cares is POWER. He is a DICTATOR, an INSTIGATOR , don’t you see it? His many lies have caused us breakage in our country and He blames others all the time and when He wants something, He does it regardless..We must be thrown out of the White House before it is too late.

RBG face mask

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