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Because this is what our great President does. Be proud that we can be the nation that helps the ” huddled masses yearning to be free ” and the tired and poor without welcoming an influx of illegal people that we don’t have the resources to help. When I see everyone who supports illegal immigration host one of those families in your home, fund them buying a car, get them insured or pay their medical bills, allow play dates with your children even though you don’t know if the children carry measles or TB, or show me how many families your church is helping then I’ll believe you are more than just empty talk. Walk the walk. you can’t trust the media Trump has done more for the actual people in his country then any other president in my lifetime. He has to post on Facebook for us to know the truth about what is going on our media is corrupt so no your view from far off is not as good. Thank you!! you shouldn’t be dealing or helping any of the Lebanese government. Please don’t please. Mr President if you want every Lebanese American vote this coming election Stang against the current Lebanese government and force each and everyone to resign. Current Lebanese government is Iran and Hezbollah poppets and you out of every other country should know better and stand with the Lebanese people. Thank you What a remarkable person you are for acting so quickly!! America does not realize we have americans there also!
















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