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Why weren’t you outraged when Obama used these tactics? Why didn’t you go on social media complaining? Because you didn’t care that’s why. And what do you think we should do with these people? Put them up in real nice hotels. That would sure be a deterrent for others wouldn’t it?

  • Cross the border illegally and they put you up in a nice clean warm hotel with room service and a phone and cable tv. Get real dude. Let’s put the blame where it lies , on the people coming here illegally.
  • The message was not for you…it was for the patriots of this country so you are not just rude but also you are in the wrong place ..why don’t you just go with the rest of your brainwashed demos page…Trump 2020. how do you compliment a loser. Please learn the language you speak. Words should not be used to lie, cheat, or distort. Our elections process is not over yet, no matter what you think. So stop posting lies to sound important.
  • Robin she doesn’t care about taxpayer money because she is a receiver of taxpayer money(welfare) not a payer of taxes ( hard-working American) so she would have no concept of how it is to wake up every morning go to work and pay taxes for people like herself to sit home and do nothing but live off the hardworking American people.

Emily Lagat Wait till the free stuff doesnt come through, (You know your money is well spent on climate change and illegal immigrants medical care and food stamps, housing, transgender ops.YOU WILL MISS PRESIDENT TRUMP! You, and anyone who voted for Pedo Joe, except the already rich, will be sorry, you are just useful idiots.

Why did Obama do it anyway? You only complain when President Trump did it? And President Trump didn’t create the divide that’s going on, you can thank the democrats for that. don’t you want to know for sure that these outrageous and impossible votes they say he got are legal?

Do you want a foreign gov ruling Americans? We need this looked into for the good of all Americans! I think we all need to demand a fair election dosnt matter who you voted for….and with % of 110% people voting is impossible! So obviously it’s corrupt there is no other answer!

Pythagorean Theorem Day I was there 12.16.20 shirt,tank top, hoodie

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