Peace Love Grinch shirt, hoodie, tank top


Peace Love Grinch shirt, hoodie, tank top

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He’s gorgeous! What a stinker! Watch the lights though, poor little guy could have shocked himself. I know you’re watching him though! He’s a cute one Mr. Grinch he has a lot of appeal. Please continue the rest of the song with your own unique changes to it. Was adorable to watch, but some things a no no. Need to learn early. And chewing on the lights could have shocked the little kitty. Beautiful tab though. Had one who looked just like this one. Beautiful

My Tabby loves Temptation treats and he is a picky eater. I give him the hairball treats and dental treats . ! His name is also Cosmo This will be our first year with twin boy Gingers and a Christmas tree. They already at into everything and I admit, I’m a little scared. We’ll see how things go when we get the tree this week. I am sure he doesn’t like Christmas festivities! So cute but gave me a shock when he started chewing electric wire ! I am so in love with this little orange kitty! Awww, and how adorable was his little face as he was chewing on the branch of that tiny Xmas tree! I just wanted to pick him up and nuzzle the sweet little baby!




















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