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Welcome to the Right side of politics Amanda! Thank you for sharing your honest and insightful message. I can’t fully express to you how extremely encouraging your post is to us & the future of our great country! We really need and appreciate your support! Welcome, Amanda! You’ve made me feel so hopeful for my angry democratic friends! Maybe one day they too will question what the are now blindly accepting. You’re a courageous girl. Amanda, I love your story a hope it will inspire others to open their eyes as well. If I had been a liberal (God forbid) it sure would have prompted me to start doing my own research instead of blindly accepting the manipulation of the left. Amanda Amazing Journey! You give me and I am sure others hope that we will not always be this divided. Sorry to hear some dem friends were not tolerant to your free thinking. Kind of Ironic when they accuse conservatives of being intolerant. Glad you figured it out and welcome to the brighter side of life!

Grateful you are awake as well. Everything you said so many have gone through the veil lifting the researching the lies evil and indoctrination we have been assault with. Friends and family lost for what we are more then our political views we are still the same people. It make no sense but who needs that negative in your life. Life’s hard enough. Only loving supportive people is what we need around us. We all at one time find ourselves questioning what we believe and our actions. In my many years of life I known deep hurt and cruelty and warm happiness .

The so called friends you lost were never truly your friends they just pretend to be. I learned as long as you have God with you then all will be ok . I welcome you and will also tell you we are by no means perfect but we are civil and will always wish you the best . and help where we can .















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