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Pastor Warning Anything you say or do could be used in a sermon mug

the person that hit the girl called 911, minutes after the accident. The girls parents however, did not report the accident till 2days later. Here’s a little bit of the report I found researching. In a statement, Suffolk Police say, “the operator of the vehicle reported the accident to the police at 7:08 p.m., from another location in close proximity to the accident scene.

  • The operator described the accident, and stated that the bicyclist said she was uninjured and left the scene with another child. A canvas was conducted by the responding officer for the child with negative results. And following an investigation, it was determined the woman reported the incident within the requirements of the law.”
  • Really? kids been playing outside with their parents in the house since the beginning of time. Just stop! Stay focus on the issue/facts at hand. Little girl was hit little girl received no immediate medical attention no police were called to the scene driver left scene without talking with parent or police.
  • no argument there. The little girl should of been supervised. Was the driver careless, did the little girl dart on the street. Who was the person in green shirt standing there? Were there witnesses. We can’t go on just 2 small video clips from a motion sensor video?

I love how they start the video at point of impact so there is no context. Car had no stop sign in the direction it was traveling. We’ve all seen kids swerve while riding bikes. It looks like the car had starting breaking before impact because the front of the car had already dipped down, because it popped up as soon as the car came to a stop. Not placing blame anywhere.

Just making observations from what little info there is. Additionally, from where the point of impact is, the car only traveled one car length, probably less than 20 feet, it was obviously either going very slow already, or was in the process of stopping. There is no time stamp on the two videos, the pedestrian obviously didn’t care to check on the child either.

OR perhaps the child had already been checked on and the car was driving to a driveway or just removing the vehicle from the road so as to not be blocking the road. The driver immediately made a police report after accident. Driver claims child said she was alright. I would of stayed. Even if child was alright, help her carry the bike home.

Pastor Warning Anything you say or do could be used in a sermon mug