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Papa Claus Christmas Shirt,tank top, hoodie
 the environment usually takes care of itself in the absence of industry. Has done so for about 4 billion years. It is the last few millennia of progress, especially the last few centuries that have caused problems. Funny thing, problems like air and water pollution are only addressed when legislation is enacted. Who’d have guessed?
  • I’m not advocating a total lack of regulation. There is a balance of not enough vs too much regulation. It is a constant balancing act. Unfortunately, federal agencies exist for their own perpetuation and expansion, not necessarily for the original purpose they were created for. Agencies should be regulated more than the industries they are designed to regulate.
  • Mark Robinson Wow, a sensible civil political discussion on Facebook. Thank you gentlemen. I’m 90% Libertarian but not to the point of total abnegation of collective responsibility.
  • Free Market capitalism would help with environmentalism but this year’s farm bill gave $12 billion in subsidies to a coporate agribusiness complex that puts so much petrochemical fertilizer runoff into the Mississippi the largest dead zone in history is spreading in the Gulf of Mexico. Deregulating glyphosate for short term profits is not a good regulatory intervention.
there is still competition, depending on the degree of regulation. It would take a very high degree of regulation indeed to “kill off competition”. What does do so is market concentration in the hands of a few players. The market naturally leads to that. That is why you need strong anti-trust laws, which of course, big business and their shills hate.
no it does not corporations often lobby for strict regulation They have deep pockets and and can afford the costs balanced by larger market share and less competition This is happening now in the home building industry The large builders are pushing for stricter licensing and regulation to rid themselves of small builders whom they refer to as tailgate contractors who often work from their truck and a small home office

I 2008 when the banking sector was deregulated. That went well. I guess they knew they’d get a.bailout out Regulations are a tool, like economic systems, forms of government, guns, etc. The tools are secondary to the craftspeople using them.

Papa Claus Christmas Shirt,tank top, hoodie