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This is not true! Do your research, he went to very few if those parties and did not like what he was hearing and was done..Then research some more, you will find out who was involved in that horrid ring and who is being taken down Rosalind Mayberry he has to sound his own horn….because main stream media wants us all as slaves! Google Venezuela and tell me you want your children and grandchildren living that life so that Clinton’s and Obamas can own us!! Tina Petrovich Troglione Exactly everyone tries saying Trump was the one who put illegals in cages and all you have to do is look up the year when they opened those places and Obama was in office! But God forbid a Liberal does any research they would rather spread lies like the MSM. Must be nice to just make things up to suit your narrative. If it’s true than be specific. Show me where and when he said it. Quote him and tell me when it happened. …,You can’t because you’re lying . I’m not saying there’s not Rino pedohiles, but there are more Democrats on Epstein’s “guest” list. And mentioned in the unsealed documents and affidavits from the victims. They’ve all been made public. Read them for yourself. Yeah we know Obama and Clinton did. Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar A Lago and said he had a cesspool island!! Get your facts straight idiot. Research, don’t trust fake news and stupidity. Talking about our President. Guess your on the Pedos side sick bitch! you people realize that this is not an indictment right? Lol there’s plenty of rich famous people that have pictures with Epstein. The guy was a multi billionaire. Does that not register? Or is your narrow hatred just your only bit of information you need to formulate an opinion.

















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