Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Halloween It was me poster


Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Halloween It was me poster

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I am one of seven children so is my hubby and my sisters hubby is one of nine. Families were bigger back then. We ate what we were given and never dreamed of making a list for Christmas. Again you got what you were given. But the majority of my memories are happy. eople today just do not understand how bad in the 1930’s things were. My dad and his farm family barely had enough to live.God Bless ladies like Grandma above. There was no safety net for them. My Great Grandma Welk raised 5 children, as a single mother in the 1800-1900’s. She had no education. Cleaned houses, did manual labor. Taught my Mom to sew. Taught 2 generations how to survive. Their tradition was passed down to my brothers and me! We had a garden and chickens and my Daddy went fishing several times during the week..and Mother canned our vegetables and we had an apple tree and pear tree and apricot trees. That was the 40s growing up. My Mother cleaned house like most people spring house clean ! Miss them…. I know how you feel Steve I was adopted when I was eight days old in 1949 got the best Mom and Dad ever they were good people they are both gone now love and miss them so much. My grandmother survived the typhoid epidemic although her family didn’t she moved on and remarried and through God’s grace she raised my mom and uncle while moving from town to town with the railroad. She survived the Depression and many other things. I miss her she taught me so much as did my mom and dad. When I was a kid in the late 30 th my gram mother and uncle planted a big garden. My grandmother canned everything and stored it in the storage shelter, my uncle butchered a hog every year for meat,salted or pepper cured it and hung it in the below ground shelter to cure. We very seldom wet to the store except to buy sugar salt and items we could not grow.. people today would have no idea how to live like we did. Very few even know how to plant a garden,or can veggies. I might be time they learned I’f food get scares.FOOD for though. My grandparents raised their own beef,pork and chickens.Canned all the vegetables in the garden and also canned sausage and smoked meats.They had milk cows,made their own molasses and churned their butter!















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