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was seriously thinking of canceling my annual birthday stay there. Been to your place, good food, great staff. Will still think about it, let’s see how this plays out. I would cancel it. Why support any business that actually tried to take someone’s rights away because of their feelings. That’s crazy. Fuck that business.

  • You would not feel that way if thirty people showed up at your place or your children’s school with ar- 15s. All yelling and amped up. But why would you restrict someone’s right to be a bully?
  • These demonstrators with their guns sure seem to be letting their little “things” bother them. That’s why they’re out there with their guns trying to compensate. they didn’t ask for a gun ban they asked them not to do it infront of their business which it absolutely reasonable.
  • Anthony Sacco Don’t be calling other people “idiots” when you’re the one blathering on about “BLM” and “Antifa” destroying cities. Being from Texas, I don’t expect you to know Oregon geography, but Seaside is out of the way and the idea that anyone is going there to destroy or protect anything is laughable.

Also, nobody burned down the mayor’s house (he doesn’t even live in a house, he has a condo). Where do people like you find such bad information, and why do you mindlessly latch onto it?

so you’re worried about fascism taking hold in your community, but then you’re outwardly afraid of antifa with guns? It seems like you should be on the same side as antifa. We fought two world wars against fascism why the fear of antifa?

The law says you can kill someone if you have a sincere fear (a feeling) for your life. We’re not talking about hurt feelings. Inciting fear is disturbing the peace. but isn’t that taking away your rights? I own guns, know how to use guns but most specifically where I should not take guns. Like schools or for a political discussion.

Nurse Brew Ativan 2 Haldol 5 Benadryl 50 poster

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