The Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg face mask


The Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg face mask

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Australien, so worry about your own countries president, second after looking at your profile, I’m really afraid of hurting your feelings, so I’ll just block you. By cock holster. you as well god bless and srry just want ppl to understand that if covid-19 hit and trump didn’t have produced the best economy the world has ever seen then just think how it would be if the economy was at the norm we were use to. He getting the bad ppl out that really effect us as a whole. Look past his ways bc that don’t matter really it don’t. Really then why didnt Pence wear one at the Mayo Clinic? I will tell you why the Mayo Clinic didnt have the guts to him and make him.
The vet hispital that Trump went to told him a week before he went that he would not get in without a Mask. They had the guts to stand ip to the clown. Joe Biden was told what to say. He no longer has the thought process. President Trump doesn’t need to wear a mask. He is tested and any one coming close to him is tested. A mask is a pain to wear. Be a senior citizen a mask is a pain to wear, hot, stiffling, to name a few. he is not admitting anything. He is and has always followed the guidance of his health team. He has always been for the health and well being for our country. Just some people are blinded. It’s sad … That’s wrong. Obama administrations declared public health emergencies before the first reported deaths relating to the novel coronavirus and H1N1. 60.8 million people in the U.S. were infected, 274,300 were hospitalized and 12,400 died from the virus! we are talking about Trump virus Confirmed cases 3.9M – Deaths 143K You mindless trump dick rider!! Always trying reflect and change subjects away from ya orange incompetent king.

















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