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As always fake news from the Democraps!!! At least they will have 4 more years to continue the unusual treatment this president receives. If you think Sleepy Joe code name pineapple head is not in the early stages of dementia you need an evaluation yourself!

  • A person with a studdering problem is not dementia. Biden did very well to control his studdering. Can’t say the same about motormouth tRump. It’s like tRump is on speed. FYI it’s stuttering!!! Was he stuttering when he said he was running for the U S Senate? His own physician during the Obama years said yesterday he has early state dementia!!!
  • Your degrees are in what area! Yes I watched Georgie as Sleepy Joe code name pineapple head simple questions he memorized. He had and ear piece on and you could see the antenna sticking out of his left shirt cuff!!! After 44 years he has nothing between his ears!
  • I don’t know what your area of expertise is but over the past 3 1/2 years the false reporting and news is so evident . It’s amazing your not able to the decipher the true facts. After 44 years Sleepy Joe has dementia confirmed yesterday by his White House physician. He was given the easy questions and probably had the questions for days!

Sleepy Joe code name pineapple head is way past his time. Your entitled to your views. 2016 should be reviewed before your statement has validity. All media predicted HILLARY in a landslide and what happened. He has had 44 years and has nothing left between his ears. Yesterday the White House physician during the Obama administration said he definitely has dementia. Don’t forget to vote for him , he said he’s running for the senate!!! By the way your degrees are in what area?

In reality, the bar is so low that the majority of people would vote for a flea-bitten wild dog over Trump (just like last time). It doesn’t matter that Biden is a right-wing conservative (by his own admission and based on positions and votes) or that he plagiarized speeches back in the day or is just generally a bungling boob. It doesn’t even matter if he has early onset dementia—if that is true. His major appeal is that he’s NOT Trump.


Never underestimate an old woman with cats and sewing skills poster

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