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Witch by nature Bitch by choice T-shirt

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What is your business? I absolutely agree as seeing some gyms open and some closed, though I don’t think it’s political. I think it’s people working the system. Glad to help you work yours… Kyle Bartee its not political his stand may actually be hurting him. tho I hope notI like him he cares. your reopen sounds safe and I want phase 3 but there need to be set consequences for those who dont follow protocol.
and severe charges for mask protestors who turn hostile and violent. you bus owners and your emplyees shouldnt have to be afraid to/at risk to enforce mask wearing and distancing Kyle Bartee Cooper is killing 1063 private bars too. I can follow the 3w’s too. I can’t open but the brewery across the street and the restaurant that becomes a bar after 9 can open??? Give me the chance to prove how safe I can be. If I can’t? Shut me down. But for the love of God give me a chance. The picking a choosing has got to stop. Perhaps he’s mad about all the child sex trafficking he knows that’s going on that he’s trying to take care that NO other President has bothered to touch because they were in on it too right along with the other elites. You want to laugh about that? Be sure to tell your 8 yo that those kids have been praying to Jesus for someone to help them. that’s a conspiracy theory. Trump has participated in child trafficking with his friend Epstein. He’s also been, at a minimum, highly inappropriate with his own daughter, as a teen and as an adult.


















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