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Native Americans No More Stolen Sisters hoodie

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We did that as well, in fact it’s been done for a very long time as far as I can tell to the point it looks like it was almost always a thing… it was the same when sister missionaries were being allowed to wear pants in certain areas because of the Zika virus and eventually it rolled out to almost everyone. But thats why the article says it is up to the discretion of area presidents what changes are culturally necessary to each mission. not a big fan of Sisters in pants, like. Probably because the school I went to required girls to wear skirts and so seeing then in pants meant either that they were thumbing their nose at the rules or they had a medical condition that made it necessary. was it caving in to appease when sister missionaries were allowed to wear slacks? There are places in the world that our missionaries are the only ones wearing ties, which is like putting a bull’s eye target on them. Fair enough. Having never worn a skirt I am not familiar with the discomfort and inconvenience they cause. It was usually not cold where I served and wearing shirts and dresses didn’t seem to be a big problem for our sisters…not that I ever asked them. tal vez si eso hubiera sido permitido desde el principio, pero ahora cambiar las normas no es lo adecuado. Entonces usted es te a de acuerdo que yo vaya a la Iglesia sin corbata, sin camisa y con barba tupida. Missionaries used to wear hats as a standard many many years ago, and nicely kept facial hair was allowed. The message is what counts the most.

















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