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You’re a Rockstar!! Good for you for following your own path and not fulfulling your parent’s wishes. Your strength is admirable and everyone should be lucky enough to have friends like you and Irina! You’re both going to continue to be life-changers for so many people! Be proud of YOU because there are hundreds in the HONY fam who are proud of you!

  • I’m so glad you found each other. The military is an amazing way for many people to start out their careers, but it’s not the perfect – or only – choice. They also tend to discharge (honorably) anyone who expresses any type of suicidal ideation from boot camp if they think there’s even a slight chance depression will return. The turnaround you’ve made in your life is remarkable, and I think it will help you be an amazing social worker!
  • What a positive reminder that we need to keep our eyes and heart open, at all times. You never know when God will send you to be the answer to somebody’s prayers. Remembering the person you needed when you were a kid – and becoming that person as an adult is a very noble way to live.
  • Us social workers can be phenomenal at our professions because many of us have experienced trauma, rejection, despair, resilience…just be sure to get your own mental health care too. That’s makes social workers even better, being on the other side of receiving mental health support.

The service did the same thing to my grandson. He literally worked his buns off and he was a pound or two over and they said come back in a month and he said no way. He’s working full time, going to school full time and a huge support for his mother and little sister. Things happen for a reason. I so happy you are doing well.

I love this. The military is fine, but it wasn’t what you needed. Failing the weigh in and being relieved was proof of that. And you went on to save (and will continue to save) who knows how many lives by being the Irina that others need

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