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The media said he were president. If you knew anything about laws and the constitution it states that the congress has to call it and the government hasn’t announced who is president. The media can’t legally call him as the president.

  • Legally that is done by the government and they haven’t called anything. Projected winner does not mean winner. It means presumed winner. The ones who determine who is president is the congress and they don’t have called anything. Don’t believe me. 12th amendment.
  • It has not been legally declared, and the votes and challenges are still ongoing….there is a major court case beginning on Monday that will result in Virginia going to Trump…and other cases begin later…this will be decided in the Supreme Court just like the Bush/Gore election….Trump will be reelected and the media will make millions of dollars on the media hysteria they created…
  •  if Islam truly meant peace why do you guys behead someone at slightest provocation. You guys are pure hypocrites and doesn’t know what peace actually mean in context of your professed faith… I just can’t describe how much I’m laughing at you comment. That’s pathetic lady. Have fun becoming a toy in the hands of China.

The reason I did not vote for you is this, shortly after President Trump won, my husband and I did not vote. But my husband said to somebody I considered a friend, to give Donald Trump a chance. My husband is handicapped and cannot walk, every day is a challenge for him. So my friend went crazy and called my husband a brainless coward.

I was so angry, I vowed never again to vote Democrat. I want to support Joe Biden, but I do not know if I can. ..you mean like the blues have promoted over the last 4 years?? Don’t you mean disrespect, confrontation, betrayal, deceit, violence,….you think their behavior is suddenly going to change and angels will come out dancing a chorus line? What’s the name of the rock you’ve been living under?

you think we are going to lie down in take it after 4 years of lies, plots, conspiracy and rioting and looting? Night after night of msm lies and censoring are not forgiven or forgotten by 71 million of us! We intend to act just like your party for the next four years. Joe can say whatever he wants but half of Americans are not listening to him .

To my dear son-in-law I gave you my gorgeous daughter coffee mug

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