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Perhaps the heading writers should have read the article first – ‘“Missionary attire has regularly adapted over time according to location, style and custom,” said Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and chairman of the Missionary Executive Council. “These exceptions are a continuation of that process.’ On my mission in Colombia back in 1985 through 1987, I was in some pretty rough areas on the outskirts of cities. After sliding down dirty and muddy hills and trying to climb in dress shoes, I switched to some tan wranglers and some dressy looking shoes with some decent tread on them. I still kept the white shirt and tie though. My companion told me I might get into trouble for it so I wore them to a zone conference. My mission president didn’t say a word. We were also good, hard-working missionaries though. what ever Heavenly Father wants he gets ; this is his decision and he is a head of his church , we obey all commands with a greatful heart ,we should not question what our Lord and Savoir wants done ! that might be true. But being able to have variety in what you wear can do a lot to motivate a person. There isn’t anything wrong with the change either. I just thinks it’s ridiculous that it has to change, nothing about it is threatening, controlling, or discriminatory…it’s a shirt and tie.  The same could be said for the plain shirt and other options presented. So it is really about people using minor adaptations on the formal attire. This is WONDERFUL news! So many cultures do not relate to a suit or tie and instead have other cultural norms. The spirit works no matter what we wear. Plus some of the climates they serve in it doesn’t make sense to wear a tie and definitely need to wear short sleeves.













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