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Thank you President Trump!! I was taught to love this country but I’ll be 52 soon. My kids were taught by me to love this country but they weren’t taught to hate it (23 and 20). Fix our educational system in time for my grandchildren!! But if it doesn’t happen, I will teach them to love this country too!!

  • My heart goes out for the President, he wants the best for this country and he’s fighting for the people. But it’s too much oposición from the darkness, from the evil people that want to destroy, bring down this country
  • I love America ! Happy Constitution! Day ! I love the constitution that is why I’m voting for Trump because he is going to preserve the constitution!!! It’s a powerful and important document. You should read it sometime. There are books on tape too if you need that help.
  • Thank you for all you do…..that was a beautiful presentation! That should be played in our schools….was so dismayed earlier reading of some horrible classes being offered in schools actually glorifying the Socialistic ways. That is so wrong! Many of our forefathers lost their life to protect our constitution and our freedoms!

President Trump your speech moved me! I remembered in middle school taking American History class. Made me so proud of the country that I live in and to know that we should all cherish the many freedoms that are bestowed upon us! Love that you are our President! Thanks for caring and protecting the American people! We LOVE you! God Bless you!

So refreshing to have a president who truly cares about his country .President Trump wants to set the record straight and refute the lies being told by the left about our country.Thank God for the wisdom of our founders,thank God for our Constitution and thank God for you president Trump!May God bless you and go with you and keep you safe.

Great speech, reminding us what our founding fathers did to create this great nation, and how important it is to defeat those who seek to destroy America!

Music Put On A Happy face mask

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