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I am an artist, and art educator who has lead and continues to lead virtual art tours, during the covid crisis and the crisis in the States. I have followed Rick for years. That said, I’m not sure who you are Lindsey. I love that you say…”Lindsey here,” and I wonder who are you with regard to the company. The recent posts have been WONDERFUL! Be well whoever you are.

  • I agree. Art can certainly unravel and enhance the potential that dwells. I too love to experience the Art galleries in travel or at home. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Err….painting!
  • This painting resonates with me right now. Although my beloved chosen family in Austria and I are healthy and still have our jobs, my heart is broken because I am stuck in the USA and have no idea when or if Austria will allow anyone from the USA to enter. 🇦🇹  Even more importantly it seems to me that the natural world screams for humankind to be better stewards than we are.
  • He perhaps was influenced by his surroundings but in addition to that it is terribly hard to create and sell art. I’m an artist myself, and the ups and downs are horrendous. Add in he was probably trying to support himself with his art and it caused him terrible stress. People truly don’t understand the pressure of creating art. It’s wonderful when it goes well, but a bad painting day and no sales can be depressing.

 Some years ago, I was able to draw a riff on this painting for the official Star Wars magazine when I worked there as a freelance illustrator/layout artist! The article was on the famed “Wilhelm Scream” sound effect heard in many adventure films like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series among many others. Now I work in Berkeley on travel books including some Rick Steves books! May the Force be with you, and all the various travelers everywhere! I have the 100 Masterpieces book, it’s awesome thanks!

I love this work, have a framed print in our home, and in moving beyond the lead figure I always imagine myself back in Oslo, looking over the Harbor, remembering our trip to the National Gallery to see it in person. Hope to return someday to get out to the Munch Museum. 

Munch The Scream Darth Vader Star War shirt, tank top, v-neck

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