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its such shame Yamaha have been shit for the past couple of seasons ,Rossi even he is the oldest on the grid would be so much more competitive if he just had a bike that could keep up with the rest of the machines

  • Oh yes, the bike is shite! Not the rider then?? 11 years and no title, must be the bike!!!! No, the ECU, no, the tyres, no, the crew chief, no, hang on, the rider??? when you dont have consintancy then yes it is the bike ,one race its engine problems ,then electronics eating up the tyres to much and so on ,even MV12 is struggling so bad, compared to Honda’s and the rest its very bad, so yes i would say its the bike
  • I’m interested in hearing the excuse theories on this one, gotta be the bike again I guess. Just really glad Nakagami wasn’t next to him again. Glad Rossi wasnt hurt. Not a Rossi fan but dont want him or any rider hurt or injured. They all make contributions to the motosport i love MOTOGP.
  • He needs to forget this season now cannot win championship so rest ,heal and come back stronger..im actually enjoying seeing others win … now just to get Mercedes out of f1, Very risky to win this season now, one slip, career end. better rest, heal properly and come back stronger next season.

He could come back and make the rest look silly, but without him this has been the best season for entertainment that I can remember, absolutely, win it one week and a bin in the next, I really cant make a call on who will win the next round never mind the championship, BSB is close behind on this one

Imagine thinking this is the best season because the best rider in the world isn’t there and everyone else is so inconsistent. The other riders look like they should be riding in a domestic championship and that shows how good Marc really is Sad to say it, but its much more interesting without him on track. The new faces being given a chance to ride to win is amazing.

Think he needs to take himself outside and have a word with himself,, dont really like the chap, but cant deny hes dam good,, , fine if he wants to get the feel for it and a bit of training, but no racing..

Never underestimate a woman who understands motogp and loves Valentino Rossi shirt, hoodie, tank top

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