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Ah he was so so special he was one lucky dog to have someone who loved him like u did and he responded with such loyalty back to u – he knew how much u loved him. Daddy is a beautiful boy, i really love how calm he was etc. Junior is so much like him & its great seeing it.

  • Daddy is a calm and patient dog for it breed. And baby junior got his personality as well. Although we nvr met, misses you Daddy.. Polux our great dane., always enjoyed your show. When we used to see your show , we fall in love with Daddy and Junior. Lovely dogs We miss watching you on tv.
  •  Always watched daddy. Now baby junior….well done cesar for showing people no matter dog u have, they learn by our behavour…ive had rotties, and bulldogs german cross rottie….hard work she was…but never gave up. Ty for all u do. Ive learnt lots ty cesar 
  • U can love a thousand dogs there is always that one special dog that touches your heart that never leaves u when u pass over that rainbow bridge daddy will be the first dog there to meet u he is forever round u.
  •  I remember Daddy in an episode when a man painted a portrait of him , so much like him how it brought tears to my eyes and yours to Caesar.Every time I see you I think of Daddy great dog.

Daddy was the best God Bless him and may he rest in peace. Junior is not Daddy, but he I sc a very special young man and is definitely following in Daddys paw steps. Love them both.

 I lost 4/4 /20 my companion of 13 years during surgery for cancer by my side every day … I can’t get past it Cesar how can I move on? I would love to read about Daddys life. How did you come to know him. Where there any issues he needed to work through.

I started to watch “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” 15yrs ago and those two legends are still deep in my brain . That was the very first dogs whisperer kind of TV show that I ever have watched.

Mike Tyson The Legend is back shirt, hoodie, tank top

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