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Close Planned Parenthood. If they are going to play grown up then they better be grown up and working. The Draft is an excellent idea, excellent educational opportunity. But most of these idiots with police records will probably not qualify. The right complains about plan parenthood the same way as the left complains about racism. Just shut up and move on with YOUR life and let others do what they want with theirs. The conversation between the foundation of what Black Lives Matters is (which is about racism & police brutality) and the ethics and legality of Abortion are two very different things and frankly, not fair to bring into a conversation of comparison. it’s amazing how republicans always find a way to slide abortion into any debatable conversation. If has no right to be in this conversation. Pro life v pro choice has nothing to do with black equality. that’s assuming that you think that I think killing a clump of cells that isn’t even a conscious human yet is killing.

This is assuming that you you, being outraged about abortion, caring so very dearly about human life and yet will not go down to the adoption center and give a child a proper home. This is assuming you put your time and money towards foundations to give young children, internationally, a home to sleep in and warm food in their stomachs. However, since I doubt you’re a humanitarian, I doubt you really care about human lives as much as you think you do and in my opinion, your opinion about abortion being the act of killing another person, carries no weight. what about these murdered men? Murdered by BLM rioters. Do they not count because they didnt have a criminal history? Let’s talk about how over 70% of black babies being born to single mothers as opposed to the 24% just before Lyndon Johnson helped black women become dependent on government assistance. White democrats push for abortion. Ironically enough planned parenthood was founded by a white racist, nazi sympathizer that wanted to exterminate black people.
You want to discuss how BLM is sending all their money to ActBlue. It’s a democratic super PAC. It’s not funding black communities or helping black people. Its funding Joe biden, mr mass incarceration himself.
















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