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Then use it. The CDC and other stats for causes of deaths do not show an increase in suicide remotely comparable to lives that would be lost if people kept socializing and shopping like before. The government cannot put millions of people out of work and not expect an increase in suicides. As stated in a 2013 PBS article: “The correlation between unemployment and suicide has been observed since the 19th century. People looking for work are about twice as likely to end their lives as those who have jobs.” Just a thought here and if I am totally off base, please be kind…if one of the unintended consequences of unemployment is suicide, what do you think might be the effects on those that are chronically unemployed and getting government assistance (not covid related)? It seems to me that there must be a correlation here. I hope my comment was clear enough to get some feedback. Lori Elisabeth I get your point I think the chronically generationally underemployed do have a certain depression in their life or at least I would think so but it’s become a part of life that maybe they become accustomed to what we’re talking about here are people that were immediately suddenly and acutely put on unemployment. When something is sudden and rapid like this I think it has a greater psychological effect. I know psychiatry is but I understand my own nature and that’s how I would feel. Im no psychiatrist but I understand my own nature and that’s how I would feel. chronic unemployment.
You’re on to something here Lori. You cannot get the big money assistance without legit employment 2out of 3 quarters work, then furlough… ( You’ll get the state’s check, and the 600 bump from federal government. Plus one gets the $1200.

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