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I respect the office but nothing about the man….when a person can make fun of a handicap person, insult a POW, say discussing things about woman and you whorship him…not.. Each time you make a post, there is a feed attached from Reuters Projecting Joe Biden as winner of the Presidential Elections Isn’t that enough trauma!.

  • Because the media said Biden won some people want to sleep with their shoes intact.No please,there is a developing story,Trump is proving the enemies of development wrong.
  • Don’t listen to these people who say bad about Trump. They are getting paid to do so, or are just really dumbed down by the media. Most Americans voted for Trump. THIS IS FACT!! And Biden is trying to steal this election, because the evil ones know they are done if Trump wins!
  • I’m sorry there are people attacking you for their own reason if defending a corrupt system. I’m sorry and know it must be a scary time for you. I wish health, safety, and happiness. I pray Trump wins and jails many crooked elite.
  • Paul Beauregard actually Trump won! But the media will continue to brainwash people like yourself. Its hilarious you talk about Trump being incompetent. Biden doesnt make sense, or know where he is most of the time. And you talk about Trumps many schemes??? Let’s bring up just a few of the many schemes Biden is a part of shall we? …okay so, there’s Hunters laptop, Unanium 1 deal, and what about Ukraine? I could go on….

You need evidence that will stand up in multiple states during multiple court challenges: Every one of the cases has been thrown out due to lack of evidence. Kings can make edicts from their throne but Donnie cannot change the math using a tweet. Good luck to you and your pathetic understanding of civics, mathematics and jurisprudence.

Praying that we have you for four more years – best President ever. This country needs you because you are a strong leader and not a career politician. You fight for the USA and that’s why the American warriors (Patriots, LEOs, Military) respect and support you. People of faith support you because you fight for the values we believe in.
We respect you, because you respect us, we believe in you, because you believe in us. You know Americans are Independent, hard working, willing to earn the American dream, not people to control, make decisions for, or live by the mercy of government handouts. Be strong President Trump, and we will stand with you.

Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass Kiss His Ass Kiss Your Ass Happy Hanukkah Doormat

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