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so you support this, but you can’t support the good law enforcement officers. yes black lives matter but if we’re trying for equality and all then we have to support law enforcement officers and black lives, along with everyone else. all lives matter. Shame on you McDonalds. Throw Michael Brown’s name out there when he was a complete criminal. They were all one of us until some of them decided to break the law. Maybe just stick to the fast food industry…

  • I agree Black live matter, but so do the lives of the thousands of good cops out there keeping us safe. I watched a video today of an officer that was treated horribly at a McDonalds. As I would do if I heard you were discriminating against anyone, I am boycotting and have called for a boycott of McDonalds. It is shameful how this officer was treated. You are not the company I thought you were.
  • Why are y’all as a company allowing the employees at your stores treat police officers like they are treating them. I have been watching Facebook post of officers in y’all parking lots do videos of how they are not giving them there food and how they are being treated. Why as a company would you allow this to happen. You do realize that when you have a problem at one of your more than 30,000 locations they will not forget how they have been treated. Just a little something you all might want to thing about.
  • Almost every person on that list were violent criminals that were in the process of assaulting someone or brandished a weapon when they were killed. Shame on Mc Donalds. If you express that people are being killed just because of their race and that it’s wrong. Then you also have to express that killing someone just because of their career choice is also wrong.

Im just wondering if whomever typed this thought about not tolerating racism, but chose to make the statement about standing with one specific race rather than standing with the human race. Atatiana Jefferson, according to her nephew, pointed a gun at police before she was shot…so how is that “no justice, no peace”?

AND Officer Stacy Talbert is also ONE OF YOURS. How she was treated is a disgrace. I wish I could list the names of all your employees that have called the POLICE for help over the years. Sometimes my faith in HUMANITY is stretched to the limit – and my disgust for CORPORATE America is ever growing. I think a just punishment would be to close all McDonalds for a month. Maybe your employees would have a better attitude when they return.

I can’t stay home I work at McDonald’s Baby Yoda Covid-19 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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