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When we stay in southern France, usually in the Languedoc area, we drive to a different market every day sometimes for as long as a month at a time. Sundays are reserved for Isle sur la Sorgue, possibly the best market in southern France. Shop in the morning, eat lunch in the market town, drive home via a winery for some tasty vin and cook dinner with the supplies we bought in the morning. A routine that we cherish.

  • We just moved from Bordeaux to Aix. I was heartbroken to leave Bordeaux but this article, and so many of the comments, have renewed my excitement for a new city/region to explore. Merci et bonne journée!
  •  I loved the Isle sur la Sorgue antique market, the small Roussillon market and St Remy de Provence market. They were all different and charming. We were fortunate enough to have been able to visit a couple of market days in Bonnieux last summer. Beautiful little town! Arrive early to the market. Parking is minimal.
  • Rick, I recently caught your episode in Portugal and was inspired by the food you eat as a way to travel and enjoy other cultures. So I Googled a caldeirada recipe based on the meal.you featured in that episode and it was delicious.
  • Had such a great time in the Provence area of France in late September and early October visiting the markets. Its the time of year that has a great abundance of mushrooms and so many varieties to chose from. It’s also the time of year for the grape harvest. I have had the pleasure of exploring France in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I can without a doubt say that Provence in the Fall is my favourite time to visit. The attached picture is from the Bedion Market.

This is definitely the time of the year that I think about fall markets. But with the current travel restrictions it’s also good to be able to grow your own, like my harvest this evening. Small but potent.

Love this I also got a puppy in second grade and had her up until my sophomore year of college. So many memories and true people who grow up with the love of pets are all the better for it.

Maroon 5 – Memories Lyrics Poster

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