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So you’re able to wear a mask in the classroom, but not in public? Interesting. If you think masks are something to “believe” in, then you truly don’t understand science and probably shouldn’t be teaching at all. I hope that the meds adjustment helps. I tried lots of different types of masks until I found one that worked for me and practiced wearing them at home until I felt more comfortable. Congntive Behavorial Therapy really helped me a lot. I also have friends who have tried hypnosis and found relief.

  • I guess I feel strongly about a few things: being kind to people who may be homosexual and using research to inform decisions. This is not required reading so people are welcome to move on if they don’t want to have a discussion or be questioned. However, usually when someone takes a stance against an article’s mission, they expect some fussing.
  • And before anyone attacks me? I wear the mask. Truth is I prefer to stay home. No yahoos there. And it so weird. I’m in Asheville this weekend. Hotel lobby full. No social distancing. Some masks. But I couldn’t find a coffee shop open after 9pm. The rules are all over the place.
  • You have a strong following. I’ve noticed anytime someone comments contrary to your post they are quickly attacked. Not hating cause clearly I also follow you, but some of the ladies are savage! We, as a population, are suffering from Covid fatigue. It’s exhausting. It’s overwhelming and there is no end in sight. What can I do? What can I not do? It’s different everywhere and for everyone. It’s as much of a mental toll as it is physical. I’m not entitled or better than anyone else, I’m mentally worn and exhausted.

We all are….but somehow I can still put on my mask and avoid large gatherings. I’m also a mother of 1 virtual, 1 in daycare and 1 due next week, we ALL can still wear our masks and avoid gatherings larger than 10.

So true and with the potential for effective vaccinations so close, it’s insane to be why people can’t just keep it together for the next few months. Unfortunately I think COVID fatigue is taking over even usually sensible people but seeing the uptick even in my state where we were doing really well is not just disturbing but down right frightening.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Boy Who Really Loved Skiing That Was Me The End Poster

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