Just a girl who loves her wifey shirt, hoodie, tank top


Just a girl who loves her wifey hoodie

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There is chemical burning, sucking through a tube to break up a baby, taking a baby out by breaking it up piece by piece and the latest they want,the abortion up to birth. That is nasty. I’m not going to describe that, you are better looking but expect to see something that looks like a homicide scene. Nothing and I mean nothing excuses what is done to the babies. I could ask if you all care so much about blm where the hell were you all when 100 people got killed in the recent black on black killing, some were children. No blm to be seen.There are hundreds of black on black killings but they don’t make the news. Blm are a political organisation only! with a political agenda. Darren Hopper lmaooooo you must not realize that only 4 states allow late term abortions. And thats only if the mother is at risk so its not like you give a shit about the people or their lives anyway so why even have an opinion.

Sam Bachelor no you are wrong, true Christianity does not allow abortions, educate yourself before you speak of something you do not know of. I wholeheartedly ABHOR abortion…I think ur comment was really insensitive and I dont think u meant it to be but it still is. A man choking to death for minutes on end is just as painful as bad. I mean yes getting ripped to shreds is worse ok I agree but I just think ur comment may not be very appropriate. Abortions happen because people are irresponsible with their lives.. Police killings usually happen whenpeople are irresponsible with breaking the law and refuse to take the charge. Just sayin. there is proof that some fetus do try to avoid being murdered. Obviously an aborted fetus cant form memories…because the last memory to form is being torn apart. But hey, floyd didnt form a memory of what happened to him either…because he too died.
















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