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Actually Tater and Tot are myotonic fainting goats but both were born with neurological and vision issues which is what causes them to fall. They have a cerebellar/vestibular lesion on their brain that affects their balance and mobility.

  • not really, its annoying that tis video was posted without facts and everyone is having a guess to there condition and is also no mention of why this would happen. I suspect people like to breed lap goats because they’re cute but have horrible consequences when breeding is for vanity. Hope you have nice day.
  • I’m a service technician for Culligan out of St. Peter MN, about a month ago another service tech and I were on our way to an install. We got caught up in conversation about work and ended up missing our turn. We just took the 10 minute detour and continued on. It was the first job of the day so we figured we might as well just keep going. We turned on to the gravel road she lives on and came up to this wooded area surrounded by fence, a goat pasture.
  • Low and behold one of the goats must have gotten spooked and forgot his location because he had gotten all four of his legs intertwined in the (electric) fence… We had no idea how long he had been there but had a baseball sized foam puddle under his mouth so I’m guessing an hour or so. I ended up stepping a line or two to the ground to hopefully ground it

I think it helped but it was still a little kick. I got his legs out finally and it took a couple minutes for him to regain control of his motor skills but luckily he got up and frolicked away. Talk about fate, better yet. God’s will. I love goats! They’re freaking hilarious!!!

I had babies born like this. I was told it was called “Floppy Kid Syndrome”. I was friends with an elderly lady that raised goats her whole life she said to feed them baking soda as much as they wanted to eat. I gave it a try and it worked. Slowly they got better and grew out of it before they were a year old old. My vet was shocked they got better they had said to euthanize them it was the kindest thing to do when they were first born.

Just a girl who loves goats personalized tumbler

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