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I’ll not banter but social pressure is real; if most aren’t, others will not. Let’s look at our news station in the daily. Not exactly a model platform for kids to emulate. why are masks and college students very unrealistic? These are adults who are now leaving home to be on their own. Getting a toddler to wear a mask I can understand, but when you’re going to college you should be able to grasp the necessity of a mask during a world pandemic. I really don’t want to seem so uncaring, but I’m frustrated by the apparent disregard for others I see young people displaying (again not all, of course). The thinking seems to be that they’re unlikely to get seriously sick if they get sick at all. In the meantime, I can’t go see my 88 year old mother in her memory care home. It breaks my heart to think of her wondering why no one visits! Heaven forbid she gets Covid! I cry every single day fearing she may die alone. State lasted just a few more days than UNC. It is unfortunate that the good have to suffer for the bad, but isn’t that how it usually goes? It is truly pathetic to see the level of selfishness displayed by these students (and many are in the Greek system). They are either apathetic or just plain selfish, which are terrible qualities to possess. I see the same thing happening with children returning to school. My children attend a small private school in NC and we are opening up to full in-person learning. I refuse to send my children into that mess. I may lose my sanity while trying to educate them while working from home full time, but I recognize that I am blessed to be safe at home with them. I pray that people begin to learn from these grave errors in judgment so that we can turn this thing around and save lives and someday return to some semblance of normalcy.















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