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Very well said David! You forgot to mention the “smoking area” in the breezeway between the school and the shops beside the art class.Usually someone set the trash barrel on fire by “second lunch”to keep warm in the winter and the “attitude adjustment area” down in back of the shops where disagreements were usually settled.No knives or guns;just good old bare knuckles.The only down thing I remember about that was someone pushed Howie Cronin’s 40 Ford coupe down into the gully and set it on fire.

  • Yes, behind the shops to make adjustments. I enjoyed my visit there on a Friday the 13th 1959 as a sophomore when a senior popped me with his fist so hard It didn’t hurt- twice I bounced off the brick wall. I never got a poke in but a nice roll around on the ground with him. He stood up , quit and just walked away.. By Monday my lips were back in place. Missed the late bus and had to walk home.
  • I learned to drive in the parking lot and i’ve had some of the best teachers and most memorable class moments in this school. I was unable to it to the closing I called home for 19 years. I hope they have an open house for the new building and I have a chance to see some long lost friends.
  • Wonderful memorial to our beloved SHS. None other will take its place for this building stood during a time never to be repeated filled with souls of the Greatest Generation and The Silent. Thank you, and may our memories and of those souls that have gone before rise above the destruction…

hough, I’m not a Saugus High Alum, having been a Saugus resident & town employee for many years, I’ve had many opportunities to be in SHS & its auditorium. Lots of fond memories.

Priscilla:If your dad was Arthur Strout the drafting teacher,he was one of the few teachers I really admired AND learned something from.Yes he was VERY strict BUT fair and if he saw that atudent was really struggling but trying he would do everything in his power to help him out.He probably did more to help me in my career as a sign artist than any other person I can think of.

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