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Old worn out thinking. I’ve never smoked or ingested pot. I don’t expect I will but I’ve always thought the small amounts people use should be legal. Booze and prescription drugs do far more damage in society and we all know prohibition was a failure. Rick has given us the European perspective on it and it seems much kinder than our ridiculous fake war on drugs.

  •  Why exactly is it that people have issues with celebrities and athletes having political opinions? These are Americans too and have every right to share their thoughts without anyone asking them to keep quiet.
  • I am so sorry to see folks close their minds. As Biden said last night, it’s time to reach across the aisle and recognize that our opponents are not our enemies. If you do that, and I do that, there is hope to diminish the divisiveness of the last four years. Let’s try.
  • Wow that’s nasty!! You may not agree with his stand on pot, but unless Steve’s opinions personally affect your life, there is no call for meanness. How would you react if someone said something similar to you, IE: I disagree with your opinion so I hope you lose your livelihood.

pot would have never been illegal except Prohibition was ended and the government agency was going to close. They needed something to keep their jobs, and making pot illegal became the great task. Remember the movie Reefer Madness.

Surely THIS time the right-wing “you just lost viewers and I order you to stop talking about your political views” script will work! I’m sure he’ll stop talking right away to please you! totally agree – need a test for driving while high in Oregon we have many high drivers causing havoc on our roads- also Steve’s misguided supposed similarity to Hitler rise and governing is ludicrous! If anything the right & antifa is fascistic!

We need to show that support for marijuana is not just coming from college kids and deadbeats. I’m fully employed at a fortune 500 company, married, and own a home- and yes, I treat myself to the dispensary rather than a cocktail after a long week! Stop the stigma! Next step is to make “I smoked a joint in the park” as acceptable at the water cooler as “I crushed a six pack at the game” on a Monday morning!

Jasmine Dragon Tea house shirt, tank top, hoodie

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