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Followed RS’ advice and went to O’Flaherty’s when we were in Dingle in 2014. Suddenly. a group of young Irish lads & lasses came in, ordered their pints, spoke to the musician, then lined up and performed a couple of beautiful Irish step dances. Then they drank up and moved on to the next pub. It was a magical moment, never to be forgotten! Slainte!

  •  We followed your tour advice when we went to Ireland several years, including Dingle Peninsula … the driving tour around the peninsula, the Iron Age forts, the Potato Famine house, Guinness and music in the pubs and a great stay at one of your recommended B&Bs ….. Wow, now I want to go back!
  • We took our children to Ireland in April 2018, one of our main stops was to see the Ring of Kerry. Our youngest, Kerry Clare is named for the place since my husband and I loved it so much during a visit years earlier. We took your advice though and went off the beaten path and stayed the village of Portmagee and went on a quest to find the 2nd Best Toliet of 2008 in Ireland as you mentioned as a side note in your guide book.
  • During our search we had a wonderful day driving around nearby Valencia island where our car was herded by two very determined sheep dogs on a one lane road. Then on our return to Portmagee for the night, we found the toliet just down the road from our hotel! We still laugh about that day. Picture below lol. Also took your advice to make time to see Dingle, now one of my favorite places in the world.

We lucked out in one of the pubs where we were able to see Irish dancing by a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent who happens to wait tables there! Plus, we can’t say enough about the spectacular scenery!. Dingle peninsula was a new place for us and big thumbs up for the advice!

We were in Ireland in September of 2016. We spent time in Dublin and Kinsale. We were connected with John O’Conner from Dingle who showed us the amazing villages and coast of Western Ireland. The scenery and the people are beautiful. We have cancelled our trip for the end of April but will hopefully reschedule for the fall. Thank you for your daily posts reminding us of these magical places that are in our memories and in our future.

Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas poster

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