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I got some for Christmas it was the worst thing I have ever had in my life would not recommend then again what did I expect it’s Dr Pepper cotton candy! Whenever I have found things that are supposed to be dr. Pepper flavored– it always seems to be nasty.  They just can’t seem to replicate the real taste of my Dr pepper drink.

  • Not only does DrPepper put out a crappy tasting new product, but they can’t even keep the shelves stocked with the Diet Dr P that we have drank for years as diabetics. The new creme soda is more like a glass of warm water with butter in it. UCK. Guess I will have to try to find another product.
  • I am supposed to lay off caffeine but I still like my Dr Pepper (diet). but it seems to have disappeared. Can you bring it back please. I’m in CA and I have friends in TX and other states too who are missing it.
  • if you guys can produce these flavors and regular dr pepper, you can surely produce the caffeine free dr pepper. Its super annoying that you are not producing any caffeine free options , claiming a “shortage” but there is plenty of everything else

I love Dr. Pepper it’s the best soda on the planet hands down, and the “dark berry” was the second best I think made from dr. Pepper. This whole cream dr. Pepper thing was not a go for me, had a weird taste and was not a fan sorry.

Can’t beat the original Dr Pepper!!! That’s the only soda allowed pretty much in my house lol. The cream soda was a definite NO GO for me. Too much of a vanilla flavor for my liking. Just came back from road trip back east. Checked stores in 8 states. No diet Dr. Pepper Cherry anywhere. I would have bought all I could find!!

I want my DIET Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper back NOW .. You took off all the Diet except regular. How boring! All I drank was Diet Cherry Vanilla and TAB .. and both are gone, If you are not bringing diet flavors back or have discontinued them, let us know! There is no diet, no diet cherry, no diet any flavors in my tri county area. If you are not bringing diet to Oregon, just say so and I will quit looking for them.

Jack Skellington Nightmare before Dr Pepper shirt, hoodie, tank top

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