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My question to all negative comments is who cares as long as the baby is taken care of and loved? Love knows no age( within reason legal age 18+) sex or color as long as they are happy and the baby is too then shut up. Didnt your moms teach yall if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all

  • Not saying I am against this but it just seems weird to see it. I think giving life is a blessing regardless of what people may think of the couple. However , it may be difficult to explain to the child why daddy gave birth to it.As long as the child has parents who love them & raise them to know that they should treat others how they wish to be treated then what does it matter ? Sorry but there are some very nasty comments in this thread & it’s made me feel very sad .
  • So let me get this straight haha,the man was a woman but wanted to be man but keep the defining part of a woman and the woman was a man that wanted to be a woman but keep the defining parts of a man,and I’m guessing a genderless baby to complete the act.
  • Is this one of those math puzzles people post where the answer is the same as the traditional method but now you go all around the houses to get there?

Biblically the woman was an adulterous insane ready to be stoned by mob and Jesus went up and spoke to the crowd said he that not sine cast the stone but that was a married woman Who got sleeping with men it was adultery nothing has to do with today’s society and how Siri can alter the bodies is it a sin we are not judges finally at the end of everybody’s life we meet our maker and we have an account to of our life. At the end right

This is becoming a Godless generation. Let the church arise and bring hope to a lost and confused world in Jesus name.

Tim McGraw – It’s Your Love lyrics poster

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