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My husband has loved Pennywise for years. I got him tickets to a show at The Glass House in Pomona in 2009 as a Valentine present and I was hooked for life! Great show!
  •  I shit you not… I ditched school, skateboarded to Tower Records to kill time. First album I’ve heard from you guys was Straight Ahead. The album was on a end cap displayed with an ICP album. I got to listen before I bought it and well, that day you guy’s became one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve been listening to anything you’ve guy’s have ever put out, even the stuff with Oli. I’ve been a fan every since.
  • Walked into a friend of a friends and fuck authority was playing on the TV! From that day on I’ve loved everything pennywise and been the biggest fan.. punk rock saved my life… Was so epic to finally see you guys in NZ in 2017 and then again early this year.
  • It was 7th or 8th grade around 91 in the good ole Manhattan beach. My neighbor Ben and I would jam out to this tape that my older brother brought home. We would crank up Bro Hymn, back then we didn’t understand how deep that song was until we got older and started losing friends to what was described in that song. It has a much stronger meaning to me now. RIP Ben! RIP Curt! RIP J fuller! RIP David B!
I was incarcerated in mental institutions growing up and one day played on the radio was bro hymn. But it wasnt until I turned 18 when i truly became aware of what is preached.
First concert I ever attended in Reno Nv livestick event center september 2003. Donated plasma 8 times to get enough money to pay for babysitter, tickets, and the whole experience. Since then I have had many wonderful experiences and cant wait to meet and greet at punk in the park. If it wasnt for Pennywise I wouldnt be the man I am.

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