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you still haven’t answered the question if covid is that bad why has no one died while they have been protesting for weeks they don’t wear masks and clearly they don’t social distance and yet would you look at that they are still running around nice and healthy to loot and riot

  •  America was formed in slavery and inequality & hatred. Lincoln and others try to correct it but TrumpéPence is reversing what is achieved so far with a white kleptocracy. SAD. The rest of the world is laughing at you.
  • And now when we have tea party like events they are met with rubber bullet kisses but not if it’s a nazi or kkk or a white power tea party . This wouldn’t be happening if real changes for good are made but rich whitey scared
  • You do GODS work! Create the trump virus that will kill 175000 Americans….We will win! Russia forever! trumpsters we will win and President Putin will set us straight!
  • Notice how libtards like to trash everything they disagree with. It must be a miserable life to be so rotten and bitter inside. So sad. If they can’t destroy it, they crap on it.
  • Abolish Democracy and implement a Republican form of government (which has restrictions on voting). For excellence in government you need excellence in voting! What is the true definition of a vote? A vote is, and should be an educated, thoughtful, decision.

A knowledge and logic exam should be given before people are allowed to vote. The voter’s knowledge and logic exam would be formulated by using the same method as any other normal exam. Most people are not very knowledgeable in government or current issues and do not care about learning. Unrestricted open elections (Democratized voting) contributes and helps maintain a lack of excellence and a go along just to get along governing system.

In a Democracy people commonly vote themselves money and benefits (which drives up our debt). Band aid solutions are often used to fix real problems. Quick fix ideas are a lot more popular to a short term, lazy to think so called “voter” because Democracy gives ignorance a right to vote! Corrupt politicians love Democracy because they know that most people do not take the time to really pay attention before they vote.

Most politicians who run for office try to keep everything short and sweet because it is a much easier sell than giving facts and figures. Salesmen love uninformed short term thinking clients. Saying that everyone has a “right” to vote is simply a popular thing to say in a Democracy.

All I need is tea and my cat It is too peopley outside shirt, hoodie, tank top

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