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One of the most singular paintings of the Renaissance. I had not noticed the hidden crucifiction before, which is suggested in the folds at the top of the shroud. In looking for the so-called “erection” suggested by Mr  and by Leo Steinberg –which is clearly not there–I found the crucifiction. Resurrection, alas, is another matter.

  • And by Paul Barolsky in a persuasive article which expands on Steinberg’s exhaustive analysis of the topic.The humanity of Jesus while he walked on earth requires an understanding of his sexuality. The Rinascimento artists validated this. Why did the Church bowdlerize their paintings for centuries? It’s an interesting question and one into which Steinberg and Barolsky delve deeply
  • I simply stated in my post that some scholars argue that it is there, and they (Steinberg and Barolsky) go on to point out the fact that for centuries parts of these paintings, the parts that displayed Jesus’ genitals. were blurred over or otherwise obscured or bowdlerized by the Church.
  • It is amazing that it took until 1983 for Steinberg’s work to come out and even later for Barolsky’s article, when the obvious was seen by all for centuries. Who, but a paid person, would want to touch and even less caress that nasty little pink face. Those nasty tiny lips that you know reek of dragon breath. Who would want to look into those crooked tiny evil looking eyes?ONLY A PERSON ON HIS PAYROLL

Yes. And I love that black, and white photo! It takes, you back, to the that free standing, photo booth, back in the day, where it costed only, twenty five cents, to show some love!! Looks like the Obama’s are happily in love and the Ole Orange Anus are mad with the world and Melania are thinking about her boyfriend. Miserable couple.

Definitely an American mistake, Trump marriage is just another scam, America is the laughing stock across the world, pos sexual predator with his porn queen!  Mrs. Trump he’s to old for you. You should be enjoying your life and having fun with a younger man. A man that wraps his hair to hide the bald spots which takes hours then have to get sprayed Orange.

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