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This song expresses the joy of being able to travel to many parts of the world, seeing the natural features of many countries as well as the manmade homes, buildings and cities inhabited by people of different cultures. Our lives are enriched by traveling beyond our borders!

  • Just this morning I got a bit teary eyes watching Giada in Capri on the Food Network. Brought back such beautiful memories of our visit there last Fall. Can’t wait to get back into traveling.
  • Just a comment for Rick Steves… You put on quality performances but the music that is played in your videos is so loud it drowns out your voice, making it difficult to hear what you’re saying. We hope you can fix this problem. Thank you.
  • Wow! This song and your images really hit home, Rick. My husband and I, like much of the world, are only able to travel virtually for the time being. Watching your videos (a lot!), as well as many virtual walking tours (sans music or commentary, just ambient sounds, as if we were doing the walking ourselves).
  • helps us remember where we have been and where we still dream of visiting. We have you, Rick, and our own dreams to thank for helping us cope with the strangeness of our current situation. Thank you. Merci. Danke. Tapadh leat. Grazie….. And, wishing you many more happy, safe travels!

Rick..all shows and any shows, fulfill my wander lust and days of travel already done. Thanks for going the distance. The people I’ve made as friends while traveling that I am in communication with now for years; count the most right now. The places, the towns, the mountains, the fields, the rivers….they will wait for us.

I love music too–I play music and write songs as well. On the Camino de Santiago, I hiked into Burgos and bunked down in an albergue (the hostels that hikers use on the Camino). The lady who ran the albergue took me next door for a coffee, and in the bar was a classical pianist. He was touring, and since the bar had a pretty nice piano, he was playing the HECK out of a classical piece. It was such a moment!

In My Life Lyrics The Beatles There are places I’ll remember poster

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