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Love how strong you are and that you don’t BS everything just like all the other presidents do so they don’t offend the I get a metal for participating type people.. God Bless you and your family mr Trump.

  • How and the hell can you call trump a hero , i think you have to be on something to believe that . If you are religious person please don’t put trump on the same line as GOD and Jesus
  • Which he has been doing & will succeed through the next four years. Bless his indefatigable heart & soul. He loves America & proves it day in & day out.
  • Sounds like your review of the DNC was written a week ago. It didn’t matter what the Democrats actually said, you already had your remarks “in the can”. You shook it up, popped the top, and let is spew all over your audience.
  • Trump he label people.!!! with lies, and slander.! to get the attention away from all his own wrong doing. !!! that is so easy. !!! but that does not make him true or right. !!! Vote Joe Biden. !! Vote blue.
  • Whoever has neither political nor economic experience, Biden has put the world in great trouble and gives the impression that America is weak, he does not deserve to be the president of America if only 4 minutes
Biden is not my ideal pick, but it’ll be really nice to vote for someone who doesn’t attack people based on their appearance or disabilities. Going with the person who feels empathy toward families who’ve lost loved ones rather than the person who does everything for the sake of money.
well said and absolutely! We will restore dignity empathy respect and a adult to the executive branch.
Also we will have competence to get a national plan to get this virus under control in our nation and be able to get back to normal sooner and work and feel safe again doing it
Sorry you are so badly misjudging the situation from feelings and not common sense. Feelings have their place, but nothing to do with the abilities and drive needed to make sure Americans have food on their tables every day and safe streets. That means jobs, a secure, functioning economy and a host of other things.

In case you didn’t know lyrics poster

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