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You can kiss what’s left of this group goodbye when you open schools without flattening the curve or properly instituting safey measures for opening. Might want to rename Moms Against Trump. Public School Teachers Against Trump, Physicians Against Trump the market is the sum total of American public companies, so you’re saying if GM goes to zero, that doesn’t affect anyone. My point is that Trump voters don’t even understand the economy they participate at the bottom level. Your the one offering blow jobs to get a job or to give your employees jobs.. im not sure. Maybe you are just stuck on your internet blow jobs cause they are the only kind you get. It happens.. go forth and try. You’ve been in office 3.5 years and Mexico hasn’t paid for the Wall, North Korea hasn’t de-nuclearized, Obamacare hasn’t been replaced, we haven’t won the promised “easy to win” trade war with China and there’s no infra-structure plan in sight. CV deaths have reached 135,000 along with 14 straight weeks of 1 million plus new unemployment claims and we’re $Trillions in debt. And all you can worry about are statues in a garden… The Independent newspaper sheds light on the difference between Donald # Trump and Barack # Obama, in two images. She stated that in December 2012, Obama had to deal with one of the most tragic events throughout his presidency, after he killed 26 people, including 20 boys between the ages of 6 and 7 in the Sandy Hook massacre in New Town, USA. In his speech after the accident, Obama had to stop talking twice to clear his tears. He cried again in January 2016, after the disclosure of arms control measures. Former White House photographer Pete Souza took a picture of the former president alone in a hall at Sandy Hook School before attending the vigil a few days ago.

















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