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Biden has released 21 years of his tax returns. Trump has been in court four years hiding his. Which do you think has been enriching themselves on the backs of Americans? Trump has changed millions to the treasury that went straight to his properties. No other president in history has done such a thing. You can vote for the Criminal in Chief if you want, but lying for him only shows that you lack credibility and morals.

  • I have been around as long as Joe Biden has and would vote for him if he was the only one running, you can’t change history, take some advice get to know the real Joe Biden before you cast your vote. While he admitted the crime bill of the 1990s was a mistake, he went on to say the mistake came at the state level and how each state interpreted the law.
  • I heard that and emmidiately thought of his hypocrisy in criticizing Trump on the Pandemic. After all, it does come down to state rights and leadership. Sooo, which is it ,Joe? Have you listened to anything that comes out Trump’s mouth during his presidency and prior? He never admits blame. Biden’s statement was accurate.
  • that’s the issue with Trump followers they don’t trust anyone. You don’t trust medical experts, you don’t trust the media, you don’t believe in science…so you believe solely in conspiracy theories that makes you paranoid about everything. I’m definitely happy I’m not a Trump follower.

please stop referring to fact check for answers. U can google it and find out exactly what it is and who founded and funds it. Once u learn to do some real research, feel free to post on the president of the United states’ page. Til then,maybe stick to your own or joe Biden.

Rich , Trump voters cannot do much for every country that is so far behind America in clean air and water . Paying 2 bil into Paris Accord for Countries that would not start working on cleaning up their own country for 2 years was a waste of our tax dollars. A few years ago English scientist had a big difference of opinion, and those differences are on going.

Riverside, California has the worst air on the West Coast over 20 years at least, not much being done. Cleaning California forests lacking in care and management, not science, common sense. Trump only had a few years to address a multitude of problems, Presidents can’t wave a magic wand. Shouldn’t get all the blame.

Kayaking Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was your first mistake shirt, hoodie, tank top

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