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in our family we are all wearing masks. Was just commenting trying to give possible suggestions in response to your comment about your grandchildren. But you’re right – something is better than nothing.

  • I’m curious about your closures in March-May…clearly your spike was earlier in the spring. Did CT open back up right away (after the initial 2 week shut down) with masks enforced? Not that It really matters at this point for those of us in SC and NC…I just sometimes think had we opened up earlier with more guidelines, before tourist season began, we may not have seen this drastic spike at this time.
  • We were the last state in the country to open again. I think it was mid May. Masks were required if social distancing was not possible early on, but I can’t remember. We haven’t entered phase 3 which includes bars yet. Personally, I think the extended quarantining, masks and distancing saved us.
  • I am a Vermonter where the state is marketing staycations… we can’t enjoy what Vermont has to offer because it’s booked solid and overrun by out of staters from major hotspots! We cant even get to popular swimming holes and lakes due to the crowding taking place! Vermont leads the country in low cases… but we are in for a rise because of too many visitors. It’s maddening!

I disagree. People in Raleigh are biking, running by themselves with a mask. I think that’s a little extreme (I wear a mask when I cannot socially distance but I’m not about to suffocate myself running miles with a mask on).

I’m socially distancing in CT now, but want to make it clear that it’s not about people in the south being dumbasses, because I see the same mask wearing and social distancing in both states.

I have driven to CT twice during the pandemic to stay with my parents because I have no other way to parent and teach my children while my husband and I both work 50 hours a week.

I have a good friend from CT who was here for three weeks and she was flabbergasted at the lack of masks in eastern NC. Morehead city area…I’m in Wilmington now and people actually wear masks here and in Raleigh

I’m a proud boss of freaking awesome nurses mug

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