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anyway, men who talk down like that on women or anyone are probably raised the wrong way and that’s probably the way their fathers have raised their mothers. My point was more like, men or women should stop pretending that gender still matters and just play!
  • I think that the reason most girls are not as good as guys is because girls in general have different interests than playing videogames which should be respected, whenever girls or anyone do wanna try videogames thats ok as well. Not everything should be competitive. 1 love
  • I didn’t get good fast because I was playing with the wrong people who were just using me as a distraction or laughing at me all the time , I got better because I started playing with a group of guys who had all respect and actually teached me stuff and were supportive
  • honestly I’ve been playing various games on various consoles since I was 7ish. I don’t play for “attention” I play because it’s been a hobby for a really long time. My mum made my username and I’ve kept it ever since haha.
  • I know that I’ve also had the “get back to the kitchen” shit from guys all the time… and there’s a few people on here which are part of the problem, clearly. I mostly play with my girls, the only guys I play with now are ones I know in person because I know they ain’t the type to talk shit to me just for being a woman, like I love shit talking but just don’t bring my gender into it, it really gets to me too…
I only play with my guyfriends I know in person too , or sometimes ones who actually show respect
On here , but these days I love playing with the girls , much more relaxed , no genderjokes , but still alot of sailor mouthing
I play with my boyfriend so I dont announce it. I let the other people decide. I think its funny when they say little boy shut up. Or you laugh like a girl. When I start talking they say my bad I though you were a little boy. I dont need to announce who I am. I came here to kill and plunder
I have a question: how come when girls that like girls ask for girls to play with, nobody says anything but when a guy does it, he’s thirsty and a pervert and other choice words, Totally coming here knowing that I’m going to get trolled as a female gamer, but I don’t give a damn if you are a guy, girl, child, or dog playing the game. I’m still going to run up to you and tea bag you if you play like a little bitch.

I’m A Dogaholic Face Mask

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