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I think Fox and Friends were very rude at the end this morning when they said that about not being committed. Don’t waste your time on Fox. They are getting more left everyday. Newsmax is my new favorite morning show.

  • So you’re complaining that Fox is moving more to the left each day, which leads one to assume you’re looking for a news outlet that is truly centered and non-biased. So you turn to NEWSMAX (of all possible news outlets)
  • Trump dated a black lady for over two years. Hersel walker family and trump family vacation regularly with all there kids. Race card is getting old. Loved it. I hope Pres Trump does it once a week like he mentioned this morning. Never miss this show in the morning. Love the five at Five
  • He deceives you in public even though he knows the truth. He won’t protect you but he definitely protects himself. Tell him to shake your hand. Why won’t he shake your hand? Why does he stay 10 feet away from you? He follows guidelines to keep himself safe, yet he lets his supporters spread the germs among themselves. He only wants your votes. He doesn’t care about your health. Unbelievable!

Loved listening to you President Trump. You always tell it like it is to the American people. It is so sad that there are so many filled with pure hate. I think if someone asked them why or what they hate so much, they couldn’t even tell you.

Wasn’t crazy about how Ainsley treated you. Her body language was odd, showing she wasn’t open to you, like she was forced. Some of her statements were strained. And Steve’s parting comment “that Fox hadn’t committed” to weekly conversations with you is disappointing. Fox News is really part of the Fake News too! Americans love you despite antics of the media! Trump 2020!

I’ll Be There For You Friends lyrics poster

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