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Wonderful, thank you for what you do! When are “people” going to wake up and start showing some kind of empathy for the creatures of the sea!! I love people who are out there helping these beautiful creatures! Wonderful souls indeed!

  • Every country should have a group of rescuers to patrol and check coastlines for wildlife and animals in distress. We could vastly improve declining numbers due to human activity!
  • I would like to see about 12 feet of that net apiece one of the seamen rear ends that used it and I would also like to see a couple hooks up their rear end to they deserve so much for the mess they leave behind with their fishing and the deaths that they caused yes I’d like to see them all Trail in about 12 feet of their nether regions we’re about three or four hooks to go with it
  • I’m wundering why everything lookes staged. Like if all cameras were ready and the angles were planned in advance for this.
    We’re cutting through various angles, from the beginning to the end of the video.
  • It makes me happy that there are these wonderful people. But it makes me sad that there are so many videos like this. How many poor creatures didn’t have help. 46% of all plastic in the ocean is…. discarded fishing nets. This practise should be outlawed, all bought nets should be registered and returned instead of discarded at the end of their lifetime.

We keep on damaging everything. Putting animals in harms way, killing them. We never learn and we are going to pay the price for our ignorance

I am so sick of watching these rescue videos. It is heart wrenching to see what human selfishness has done. For every one of these saves think about the unknown number no one was there to help. Breaks my heart

Irresponsible and careless people, do not care about anything and anyone…do not hold anything sacred….good to see that majestic creature free. And that good unselfish people are still around….


I’d rather be fishing face mask

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