Grinch I wouldn’t touch you with a 39.5 foot pole social distancing face mask


Grinch I wouldn't touch you with a 39.5 foot pole social distancing face mask

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Until trophy hunting is made illegal worldwide and it stops being an acceptable sport sadly things like this will continue to happen. I hold in disgust all people who abuse animals. Doesn’t matter what the animal – dog, cats, monkeys and gorillas, elephants or lions- we humans are a virus on the world and we live to destroy. For every beautiful object we build or create we have destroyed something else to do it. For every acre of land we farm we destroy the environment and wildlife to achieve it. Humans don’t know the meaning of living in harmony with the earth and with wildlife. Sadly when the US presidents own son shows off his trophy hunting in Africa it becomes acceptable for so many others. It’s despicable and inhumane but animal abuse happens all over the world. When worldwide punishments equal the atrocities against animals then we may see some change. Whilst punishment is nothing more than a small fine or a slap on the wrist there is no deterrent to animal cruelty and abuse. People should boycott countries that are cruel to animals usually because they are cruel to people, as well, unfortunately cruelty lives in every country of the world in different disguises. Including our own. The current pandemic is in a way a voice for these animals, for mother nature, that tells you how exactly it feels to be in a cage. I hope we inhumans realise our sins and mistakes, and stop acting like we own the world… It always amazes me why people think that you can’t let a captive animal/s go free even if it’s born in captivity. Sure some may die even if their in a group, but they’ll soon learn from the others what to touch and what not to touch by seeing how the other ones react or died. Animals use their instincts straight away from birth, where it takes people years to learn. Beside it’s amazing what Hunger can do to an animal or even a human!! … Yes, I know we’re animals to, But we’re the only animal’s that can save every other animal on this planet !

















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